Saturday, January 5, 2008

New years in a nutshell....

I had an amazing vegan potluck, somehow stole a barrel fire barrel from the italian market, full of ash and atleast 50 pounds, somehow got it home on my bike's basket/handlebars while blocking traffic, didn't get arrested for it. WE danced in my living room a bit, stood by the fire that was like 8 feet high out of this barrel, threw fireworks in it, then we ate all the food, played wii, went and had a roman candle war in front of my house, shot cars, shot a school, made my neighbors laugh. Went up on my roof, watched the fireworks in every direction, the stadiums, the north, new jersey to the east, all of the ones to the west, I held lighters up to the sky and screamed, and at one point yelled 'fuck you in 2008', I burnt my hand on the lighter in my right hand. Hugged everyone I loved that was there, went to dance parties around the corner, stole an inflatable dinosaur, took polaroids alllllll night, took polaroids of people kissing the dinosaur, some girl bit a hole in it because she was drunk, rubbed it all over random people, got a bunch of full crowd "WOOOOOO"s going, made guys dressed for a formal party limbo under a roman candle, did the soulja boy in a different house, told people in the other house that their party sucked compared to the one across the street, got threatened by some south philly mobster dude who was coked out of his brains because I said I loved someone and he thought I loved him, then laughed at him peeing on himself. Some girl screamed out a car window at us "happy new years mothafuckah!!!!", and so so so so so much more happened.

That's about as much as I can recall on a whim. I did more, I just forget.

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