Friday, March 21, 2008

future classic?

So as I come to learn more about photography, and learn about trends, and can seperate myself from whatever trend and ephemeral/visual quality I'm chasing, I know that there's a current under-current with lo-fi point and shoots. The visual quality or lack there of, of photographers such as Terry Richardson and Ryan Mcginley. The quality of low quality, and the art of the photo really being based around the artists' experience when creating the image. I mean, I think everyday about how I could just sell everything I own, steal disposable camera's everywhere I go, and take photos of my friends while traveling, playing, and just getting naked for the fuck of it; hire a decent agent with what little money I have, submit some shit to Vice magazine, and become an overnight underground success. I mean, I have to admit that I do love the aesthetics of shooting film in alot of natural light settings, and also how good a shitty flash can look while shooting your friends playing naked in a hotel room or the woods.

At the same time, I'm seeing an strong influx every day, every hour even, of people from all over the world making pretty photos with shitty digital cameras, no hours of photoshop workloads, just constant documentation of their normal and usually mundane lives. There is obviously a very strong influence by modern commercial art work, and with photo sharing websites like flickr, not only do you have the ability to look u p almost any and all work by some of your favorite photographers, you also have the ability to literally become an overnight success based on your ability to reinvent and translate your life into some heavily influenced digital photography.

I can see in a few years, maybe even within a year, when we slowly all turn our back on film, or even the printed image, and this point and shoot lo-fi movement takes full hold of these shitty point and shoot digital cameras. I personally have thought about making artwork using low grade 10 dollar digital camera key-chains from walgreens, and probably still will at some point. So what's the point of everything I brought up? Shit, I don't know, maybe the fact that all of those images above were shot with a Canon PowerShot A85, a camera that probably a few million people have in their pockets/purses all over the country as I'm typing this. And they look like film. And they're fucking gorgeous. They fucking look like film. No photoshopping, just point and shoot.

What the fuck am I even trying to go back to school for photography for? What's the point of going in the first place? Maybe it's because I can't suck enough blood out of current trends, or lose myself in them enough to totally be inspired by them. Maybe I just separate myself too much from everything in order to view all of everythings' working parts. Maybe it's because somehow I still get a little ill everytime I see a new party photo blog.

I've lost it.

Everyone's a fucking photographer, or an artist, or has a zine, or something.

And I've lost my motivation.

Photos taken from 'littlegirlblue'

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