Monday, March 17, 2008

Rest by Gregor Samsa

Artist: Gregor Samsa

Album: Rest

Year: 2008

Similar Artists: Yndi Halda, Caspian, Grails, Mono, Joy Wants
Eternity, This Will Destroy You, September Malevolence, Saxon Shore,
Destroyalldreamers, Laura, Eluvium, Jeniferever, Hammock, Crippled
Black Phoenix


Download Link:

They're looking for donations for their newest album, so please, if you like it, go put some food on their tables, via their myspace.


Ace said...

Password for my files or yours? I'm guessing yours because I didn't create a password when I archived my files.

alicia said...

less than three.

real talk.

Anonymous said...

password is:

Anonymous said...

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