Thursday, January 29, 2009

12 July 08

"Things I have done to hurt you,things I am sorry for, things I need to change and will...

-I never should have told you to leave a home we've both established as equally ours.
I should never make you feel like you have nowhere to go, that your things are not safe, that your living arrangements are unstable.
I recognize this as an emotionally abusive quality and want to appologize and do whatever I can to change this

-I should never keep you from sleeping when you are tired. I get so excited to see you but it is overbearing and inconsiderate for me to want you to be fuly awake at all times. I know you work so, so hard and I want you to get all the rest you need and deserve.

-I should never have read your personal messages. This is inrusive and there should be no excuse for it. I was scared and wanted to know if you were moving on, but I should not have crossed that line, and I am sorry.

-I am sorry I fight. I am so sorry that I fight you. This probably sounds absurd, but last night, the thing that hurt me more than anything having to do with myself was the thought that I was not there for you when you confronted your mother, and that I am no longer a trusted space for you to talk about this. My god, the thought literally makes me choke. I have always seen us as a team and have felt your pains as if they were my own, and I want so badly to be there for you with your mother, and I wasn't.
For this I am the most sorry of all. That I took away your safe space within me and us. I don't know how I can ever gain your trust again but I will fight for it.

If you knew how much I love you your heart would just shiver and ache just like mine does, today, imagining this precious, precious person in my life, so precious you could be the most prized and adored part of my childhood fragile collection, so precious the rest of the world pauses when you are here - thinking that you, the most valuable, amazing gift I've ever had, could be hurt because of me, it makes my entire life crumble before me. In all the ways I have hurt you I am sorry. My only hope is that you will believe me when I say that keeping this and working to be what you need and deserve is my biggest priority. Please say we can work together to make each other happy and safe again. I love you too much to let this get away easily."

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